Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sea Life Appreciation

During the early months of summer I was at a shop in down town Capitola, California and found some beautiful shells, starfish, and dried seahorses. I bought a bunch because I now have a kiln and centrifuge at home and I think they'll make beautiful cast silver jewelry. My only problem is that I don't want to support the catching and killing of wildlife. So I want to work with what I have now and make wax replicas so I never have to buy that stuff again. Also, I have been thinking about donating a small percentage of the sales to a wildlife organization that specializes in ocean preservation.

The first attempt to cast the sea horses was unsuccessful but the second attempt worked amazingly well. They're so tiny and delicate and I didnt think the silver would flow properly but it did!

Now I'm going to try casting another one and then make a mold so I can reuse it. I have a few larger ones I want to use as pendants.


Fenie said...

those are so so beautiful!
so delicate and lovely!
welldone you!

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libu said...

I too am a reluctant blogger.
Come on, you can do it....get to blogg'in!!! have a nice day
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