Friday, April 8, 2011

Challenge Day 7

This is also for the Aspiring Metalsmiths March Challenge which was to make a piece of jewelry or sculpture based on architecture. I searched around and found these beautiful houses from Santorini, an island belonging to Greece. I love all the shapes, and the domed roof. When I saw this image, I knew one day I would have to visit this beautiful place.

So I started by creating the octagon in the center. This was don't by cutting a copper strip, using the dividers to mark a specific distance, and then filing a groove with a triangular file. Then bending the pieces at the groove.

Did the same with the rectangle and soldered plates above each. Made a hole for the airflow before soldering the dome. Then I cut and shaped the side bits and soldered them on.

I'm still experimenting with enameling, but eventually I want to use enamel to make the piece white and blue, and add a ring part as well.


gloria said...

Beautiful piece! It was great seeing just how you did that!

Lorie Lynn Designs said...

Wow, that is so amazing. I wouldn't even know where to start to make something like this. I am in awe!!

jamauerer said...

Thank you!

Stacy said...

Julie - you are constantly blowing my mind with the pieces you create! You are a source of inspiration to me - thanks for that!