Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Night's Castings

This time I cast 6 flasks and they all turned out very well. Somehow the castings on their sprue trees look like mini sculptures. I'm amazed that the peacock turned out so well. There is some flashing, but the wires are about 20 gauge, so I honestly didn't really think it would cast. Of course I hoped it would, and I knew it was possible, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I'm a bit bummed that the large flat urchin piece has a hole in it, but I think I can work around that.


Stacy said...

Really great Julie!! I especially love the seahorses - their curves and detailed surfaces are amazing! I can't wait to see them all shiny and pretty and being incorporated into one of your next creations.

jamauerer said...

Thanks! yea I'm really excited about the seahorses.

Beatriz Fortes said...

Those tentacles look great and very dynamic.