Thursday, December 22, 2011


It's been a long time since my last post. I've been busy moving in, setting up my room, making jewelry and taking care of my two dogs.  I have not posted any new jewelry on etsy in a while, but I have been making a lot of new work and sending them to shops.

The pace in Novo Mesto, Slovenia is a lot slower than that of the bay area, california, but I really like it.  The city is very green and surrounded by lush forests.  Every day I walk the dogs by the river Krka and just enjoy the beauty of nature.   I enjoy watching the ducks swim up and down the river, and sometimes follow us on our walks.  They guard the river bank and protect their young.  The ducklings duck under water and swim a few yards under the river's surface when they feel threatened.  There are cats everywhere and Toto has started chasing them up trees as a game.  The river changes color almost daily, from a deep blue to grey, green and brown.  Sometimes its covered in a thin mist, which gives it an almost mystical appearance and reminds me of medieval tales of mermaids and swam monsters. 

The people of Novo Mesto are very warm and welcoming.  Most of the younger people speak almost perfect english, which makes living here much easier, as communication isn't a problem. 

The house I'm staying in is in the city center.  It is huge and has a bar and stage for concerts, a gallery for art exhibitions, 2 music studios and a few artists studios.  There are 2 painters, a few ceramics artists and myself, along with 3 bands that use the music studio's to practice.

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Christine said...

Sounds like a wonderful and creatively stimulating place to be!