Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Im obsessed with Seahorses

So just so everyone knows, I want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I mean, I feel guilty when I kill spiders. So I don't like going out and buying dried seahorses because I feel guilty supporting that trade. The way I got hold of the larger seahorses is someone I know loaned me them after he found out I was interested. He had bought two larger seahorses in Mexico while on vacation. I made molds of them and now I'm casting them over and over. So actually all the seahorses in the sculptures are from one of two seahorse molds.

Another large seahorse I got by chance from a local pet shop. They had tried breeding them and it died. I went in there to ask about seahorses in their natural habitat, for the sculpture, and the manager handed me the dead seahorse. It was pretty cool.

I have bought smaller dried seahorses but I've tried limiting myself because I don't want to cast a new one every time. I just feel terrible about that. I know that selling dried seahorses as souvenirs is not the main cause of their endangerment, but it still contributes. The main cause is that they're used as aphrodisiacs in China.

So in the future I will make molds of the tiny seahorses as well because I want to continue using seahorses in my jewelry and sculpture without impacting the natural seahorse population.

With that said, here are some pics!

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