Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Purple Devil Ring

This ring was definitely the most technically difficult piece I've attempted so far. I asked my sister what she wanted for xmas, and she found a ring online somewhere and that's what I went by. I thought it would be easy, and in some ways it was, but getting the soldering just right and fitting the basket to the odd shaped stone was very difficult. It took me about a 2 weeks and 10 + different baskets to finally get the perfect fit without everything falling apart.

There are a total of 12 solder joints in this ring. That was the trickiest part. I would finish a basket, try attaching it to the shank, and then hover a bit too long with the flame and the whole thing would fall apart. At that point it couldn't be reassembled and I'd have to make the basket again from scratch.

I tried cheating by ordering baskets from rio but because of the stones depth, they didnt fit at all. So yesterday I got to work again on the basket and finished it today. I am so relieved. I haven't finished it completely because I still need to get a tool and round off the prongs. Then it'll be done.


Angie's Design Shop said...

This ring is absolutely stunning! You are very talented!

Cathy from Wire and Wool said...

WOW! I think you did an awesome job...and that you stuck it out 10 times? I guess you're 10 times smarter from learning from all those failures? Really beautiful work, I wish you were my sister☺. Shanks for sharing, and looking forward to more challenges!

Alexandra Shariff Designs said...

You did an absolutely amazing job on that ring! I have attempted those baskets a few times...what a nightmare! Im sure theres an easier way but I havent found it.

Clarity said...

Just gorgeous! Can't believe you tried 10 different times. I totally give up after 3. You are my hero!