Monday, January 31, 2011

Moving Rattler Ring

This ring was intended to be a spinner and the parts do spin, but when you're wearing it, they dont spin as much as they rattle around.

Also, originally I'd wanted to include a third spacer disk but decided at the last minute that the bottom plate would be enough. I was wrong and the bottom spinner doesnt spin as well as the top two because it doesnt have the spacer disk.

It was still really fun to create and as close to my original design as it could possibly be, so I'm really happy about that...because that NEVER happens.

The three spinning pieces are hollowformed. The top one is domed fine silver with a second dome inside it to fill the space, so that the moving part doesnt move up and down, only side to side. I really wanted the top piece to move, not be soldered and stiff, so I crossed two wires and soldered them to a larger thicker wire. Then made sure they would fall through the hole, but still move around side to side within the dome. Then I soldered the backplate onto the top dome to hold the wires in place.
The spacer disks have smaller holes to keep the larger disks from flying all around the place but also help them to spin better.

The first spacer is placed through the wire and sits under the domed piece. I say under because when its right side up, it will sit under, not on top of.
The second spinner and spacer disk are placed on the wire.Then the third spinner is placed on the wire and this is where I should have included a third spacer disk.
Then I carefully soldered the bar to the base plate, but made sure that it didnt solder to any of the moving parts. This was made easier because I didnt have a spacer disk and because the hole of the spinning part was big and directly over the hole I was soldering so even if it did flow a bit, it wouldnt flow onto the spinning disk.
Finally, I soldered the backplate onto the domed ring base using easy solder. It was a bit of a balancing act but it worked somehow.

I wanted to flush set some small stones into the base dome's air holes, but the material was too thin so that didnt work.

The pieces are a bit stiff at first but if you spin them a bit they loosen up:

Next time I make this, I'm installing a motor! (uh, maybe)


SilverBlueberry said...

This is fantastic Julie! Thanks for showing us the steps :)

SandyToesJewelry said...

That's really cool! Nice work!

gloria said...

Awesome ring, Julie, and great blog on the process.