Friday, April 1, 2011


So, what have I been up to? I've been busy, but not noticeably so since my shop is on vacation and I haven't been participating in the online group discussions over on etsy. But I've registered a domain name and am starting to work on the layout of my site. I have really really limited experience with web design so all of this is taking longer than I want it to. I have to learn about divs, css styles, templates and stuff like that. Luckily there are a million helpful tutorials for dreamweaver online like and Thanks to those guys I'm starting to get the idea.

I've also been making molds on some new designs so I can do made to order instead of only one of a kind. I have a ring I'm working on that is probably my favorite piece ever. Its huge, silver, lots of detail and VERY hard to make a mold for. But I'll keep trying because its just too cool. Also I'm back to working on the sea life collection so that means I'll finally be able to offer those great sea urchin rings again and possibly even some sea urchin bangles, earrings, etc. I love the Native American concept of using every part of the animal. That's sort of how this collection is forming. Pics coming soon.

I am also working on the write up of two new tutorials. They should be done in the coming weeks and available on my etsy tutorial shop:

The stone shop is also still up and I am working on cutting up a HUGE boulder of azurite and malachite drusy. This material is drool worthy! It's a royal blue with little sparkling blue and green crystals. I almost dont want to share it, but I just have too much! So keep a look out for that on


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